Marathon Recovery

If you just did a full or half marathon or planning to do, see here more about marathon recovery.

So you just ran a marathon or a half marathon? Completing 42.1 km or 21.1 km is a great accomplishment that requires commitment and dedication that provides many rewards.

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Namaste: How Yoga Changed My Life

In this post, I want to share with you why I teach yoga and how yoga changed my life. Namaste.

Introductions first: Hi, I am Maria Selva and I teach yoga at Return to Form.

I know it may sound like a random topic to choose, or perhaps it sounds fairly typical for a new age twenty-something-year-old chick to talk about the “joys of yoga”… But nonetheless, it really has changed my life, and I think it could change yours too.

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Operations Manager – Health

Return to Form needs an operations manager responsible for making the business hum and grow.

About You

You are basically a super human. You understand about business, you care about people and you like to get things done. You are enthusiastic and you are full of ideas, and you are not too shy to tell us. You are a detail guru but you can see the big vision – and you drive everyone to get there with everything you do. You have a tertiary qualification and you are ready to take a step forward in your career. You are ready to shine.

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Best Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work



The Best Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work With Zee Sharif

It’s fair to say that technology has done a fantastic job and improved our lives in so many ways. Like being able to communicate with a loved one when they are miles away or across the world. But, have you thought about the consequences that technology has for you? Yes, to you personally.

Okay, let’s us take a step back. From standing and walking miles every day, most of us now sit in the office in a chair and tap away at the keyboard, hinge forward to read our screen for at least 8 hours, every day.

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Want To Join A Holistic Team In A Supportive Environment?

  • vibrant Ponsonby full or part time
  • buzzing LynnMall, part time
  • (or spread you time across both clinics)
  • opening for experienced and New Grad Physios

Do you want to be part of a team that provides holistic care in a caring environment?

Do you want to be able to offer longer appointments to your clients?

Do you want to work in a team that offers professional development?

Do you want to be in a clinic that is growing?

Return to Form is looking for a musculoskeletal physio to join our growing practice. You’ll be in an environment where you can utilise the full range of your skills. Gain and give cross referrals with the variety of services offered at the centre with an onsite Pilates/exercise studio, Real Time Ultrasound and experienced therapists. Incorporate or learn pilates skills; we can train you on our gravity/reformer machines and fund towards the right pilates courses. You’ll be enabled to provide more tailored, individualistic care with longer sessions (generally 60 minutes).

You’ll enjoy a fully electronic clinic, with a laptop in each room, where you can access the notes across any discipline and write notes as you go.

Try out new ideas: this is your opportunity to shine and of course be rewarded for it. Bonus scheme and future share options available for the right candidate. New grads welcome to apply, full support provided with opportunities to hone your skills and learn new ones in a variety of clinical specialities.

Return to Form is a holistic practice with resident physios, acupuncturists, massage therapist, Yogi, personal trainer and nutritionist/naturopath.  Ponsonby/New Lynn based, we have lots of easy, free client parking and walk-in clientele.

We encourage post-graduate study and are very flexible with work hours and can offer financial support for the right candidate.  With a specialist physio in pelvic floor health and cancer rehab inc. Pinc & Steel cancer rehab programs, we can help you develop your skills, should you be interested in these areas. We encourage in house contra services and you can book yourself in for the other therapies within the team anytime.

You will be someone who can take initiative, work well autonomously and as part of a team, have excellent communication skills and a commitment to help develop the business.

NZ residency or valid NZ work permit is a must. Open to UK/Ireland registered physios.

So if you’re a physio with a can do attitude and a sense of humour and want to come join our team, email your CV to or ring 09 551 4460 and ask for Zee, for an informal chat.

Spring into health

The Return to Form team is challenging you to spring into health:

What do you think when you think about spring? If you live in Auckland you might shout out “heavy rain” or maybe “even crazier traffic”. But really, if you stop and think about spring, what comes to mind?

We asked our clients from Return to Form and most of them said: frisky lambs and flowers. You look up and there are more leaves on the trees, you scroll through your Facebook feeds and you read “detox time”, “detox your wardrobe” and all that “spring detox jazz”.

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Go Balls Out

Go Balls Out: Handy directions for checking your balls | Testicular Cancer NZ

Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages of 15-39. Sadly, awareness of this cancer, how to check for symptoms and how to reduce the risk is shockingly low.

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Yoga & Pilates for your health

Yoga and Pilates can help you to keep you in great health this winter.

It’s cold and dark outside. It’s winter and you just want to watch Netflix under a blanket. That’s why you need to remind yourself of the benefits exercise brings you.

This is a friendly reminder how important it is to keep yourself healthy through movement this winter and we believe Yoga and Pilates are a great way to improve your overall health, heal aches and pains, and keep sickness at bay.

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Massage for Health & Well Being

How massage can improve your health & your well being

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. It’s the time of the year that bed is the place to be. It’s the time of the year a lot of us are sick. With the cold weather, some of our old injuries get even more painful. And this it is what we are here to tell you: massage can be a powerful tool for you to take charge of your health and well-being.

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Who knew all the issues a specialist physio can help with?

Great to see more evidence in this particular field, to support the work some of us pelvic floor physios do.

”In summary, the role of the pelvic floor in male sexual dysfunction and the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy are only beginning to be appreciated by the sexual medicine community”

Call us now on 551 4460 for discreet chat if you have any of these concerns

Vacancies: Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist

Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist (part time): To join Return To Form team on Ponsonby Road (3 Lamps)

A holistic wellbeing clinic is looking for a qualified Massage Therapist and a Acupuncturist to join a growing team of physios with on-site Pilates, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopath, Yoga and Personal training.

What we can offer to you:

  • Enjoy all the benefits of working within a team, e.g reception, marketing/advertising, in house referrals, peer support etc. We encourage in house contra services and you can book yourself in for the other therapies within the team.
  • Great location with street traffic and easy client parking available. Cafe/shops/banks on your doorstep.
  • Our company is devoted to continuing education. We have monthly in-service training sessions across the different disciplines, so you have the opportunity to teach and to learn.

The successful candidate will have:

  • 1-2 years of post qualification experience
  • Flexible with hours during the week and some hours on Saturday
  • Acupuncturist with interest in pelvic floor health, working with cancer clients, a bonus
  • Massage therapist with Oncology massage experience/qualifications/interest, a bonus
  • Ideally looking for long term members, but open to what you may have to offer

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Location: Level 1, 334 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby.


  • Contact: Whitney Litz or Zee Sharif
  • Email:
  • Phone: 09 551 4460

Life after prostate cancer- How can physiotherapy help?

31 May 2017

There’s life after prostate cancer and physiotherapy can help. This post is dedicated to Men’s Health.

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located below the bladder. Its main function is to secrete a fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. All mammals have a prostate gland – however for unknown reasons it only causes problems in men and dogs, hence a man’s best friend is the only one who truly understands his problem!

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Advice from a rebel yogi: “Don’t do yoga!”

7 March, 2017

Photo credit: Bruce Simons

If I could give you any advice, that is what I would tell you: “don’t do yoga!” Yes you are reading right. DO NOT DO YOGA! Why you may ask?

Well… I am Maria and I started practising yoga 4 years ago. I have this really awesome, super fit and totally ‘in tune with life’ friend and she was really into yoga. She told me that yoga gave her a different outlook in life and more understanding of her body and herself. At that point, I was training like crazy at the gym, and I didn’t particularly think that my body was great, or that I understood my body that well.

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Acupuncture Remedies Urinary Incontinence

Electroacupuncture halts accidental urinary leakage and restores bladder control.

Researchers demonstrate that electroacupuncture is safe and highly effective for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Electroacupuncture significantly reduced urgency and leakage. Electroacupuncture restored long-term bladder control and produced a 78.6% total effective rate.

Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women. China Academy of Chinese Medical Science researchers (Jin et al.) conclude that electroacupuncture produces significant positive patient outcomes for women with mixed urinary incontinence (MUI). Electroacupuncture produced a total effective rate of 78.6%. All metrics demonstrated significant clinical improvements: International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire – Short Form (ICI-Q-SF), 3-day urinary diary, 24-hour urine collection test. The overall ICI-Q-SF total score of 16 prior to electroacupuncture improved to 8 after treatments. The mean occurrence of urinary incontinence over 24 hours was reduced by 66.67% after treatments with electroacupuncture. The mean quantity of urinary leakage over 24 hours was 39 g before treatments and 18.6 g after treatments with electroacupuncture.

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Exercise May Boost Prostate Cancer Survival

The American Cancer Society study included more than 10,000 men, aged 50 to 93, who were diagnosed between 1992 and 2011 with localized prostate cancer — meaning it had not spread beyond the gland. The men provided researchers with information about their physical activity before and after their diagnosis.

Men with the highest levels of exercise before their diagnosis were 30 percent less likely to die of their prostate cancer than those who exercised the least, according to a team led by Ying Wang, senior epidemiologist at the cancer society’s epidemiology research program.

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Musculoskeletal Physio position

Vibrant Ponsonby

Need more of a challenge at work?

Join a holistic health centre as a musculoskeletal physio utilising your skills.  Gain and give cross referrals with the variety of services offered at the centre with an onsite Pilates/exercise studio.  Incorporate or learn pilates skills, we can train you on our gravity/reformer machines and fund towards the right pilates courses. You’ll be enabled to provide more tailored, individualistic care with the longer sessions (generally 60 minutes) we offer whether private or ACC.

You’ll enjoy a fully electronic clinic, with a laptop in each room, where you can access the notes across any discipline and write notes as you go.  Try out new ideas, this is your opportunity to shine and of course be rewarded for it. Bonus scheme and future share options available for the right candidate.

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Business Manager position

One day you’ll be GM or CEO but need some wide-ranging experience to get you there. With a couple of years experience under your belt after graduating you’re now looking for the next role that will provide you the vehicle. You’d enjoy a position of trust being an owner’s right hand person, providing business smarts.  Alternatively you could be a Practice Manager with extensive experience in marketing.

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Incontinence – Do you pee when you laugh?

We need to talk about incontinence: Kiwi women scared to laugh in case of leakage

According to a recent article in Stuff:

“Stress” incontinence, the most common type of the condition, occurs when movement such as sneezing, laughing, exercising and heavy lifting puts pressure on the bladder.

It goes on to say that women routinely avoid “happiness moments and social contact” to avoid an accident.

Fortunately there is a way to address the problem.


Do you or someone you know relate to this article?

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FREE Acupuncture

Introducing Dawson Huang

Registered Acupuncturist

We are extremely happy to introduce our newest team member, who will contribute to our holistic service.

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Sex, Love …. and Leaks?

As World Continence Week gets underway next week, it’s time for New Zealand women (and men) to tackle leaky bladder issues head on. Return to Form has a strong focus on Women’s Health and leaky problems, targeting the problem by strengthening your muscles.

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Best sex position for bad backs

The best sex position for bad backs isn’t spooning.

It hurts when I have sex!” is probably a question many people want to ask their therapist when having physio treatment but probably too embarrassed to ask, now there is a study that puts some science behind some positional advice and hopefully making it an easier subject for the practitioner and patient to talk about.

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Sex, love and… Leaks?

1.1 million New Zealanders suffer with incontinence (that’s 25% of the population).

Incontinence costs the health system over $8 billion each year, in productivity, health costs and informal career costs.

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5 a day………. not enough!

Fruit and vegetable intake: five a day may not be enough, scientists say, a University of London study suggests increase in daily fruit and veg intake linked to lower chance of death from stroke and cancer.
Eating at least seven portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day was linked to a 42% lower risk of death from all causes.

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Make this Valentine’s the best one yet

Let us make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet


February 14th is a time for love… and for lovers. But the fact is that many of us are held back from having a truly special Valentine’s Day because of painful niggles and uncomfortable issues below the belt. Are you ready to take action and get your groove back?

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Why are athletes wearing coloured tape?

So many interesting colours!!

You don’t have to be an Olympiad to benefit from taping. You can benefit if you are recovering from an injury, have re-occuring injuries, Pregnancy pain bad posture or participating in sports and want to enhance your performance. Check out what they look like on our Facebook Page (and don’t forget to LIKE us!):

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Zinc for health

Zinc is one of the most important minerals for a healthy immune system. Even a mild zinc deficiency can cause lowered immunity and make us more susceptible to any viruses or bacteria floating around.

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Time for new shoes?

They may not be as coveted as the latest designer footwear, but did you know that running shoes need just as much care? It’s hardly surprising, given that the average pair of sneakers will cover a distance of 500 to 600 kilometres.

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Stretch or Regret

Stretch or regret: why stretching is so important and what can I do?

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur or well-honed athlete, remember that the best thing you can do before the event… Or any running event for that matter… Is stretch properly. In this post, we want to remind you the importance of stretching.

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Pilates- Whats the craze?

Come find out!
Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.

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