Total hip replacement

Physiotherapy and Total Hip Replacement

June 13, 20231 min read

Patients with severe knee arthritis may benefit significantly from total hip replacement surgery (THR), a standard orthopaedic operation, which may considerably improve mobility and reduce pain. However, the recovery from THR can be difficult and prolonged, and physiotherapy is an essential part of that process. In order to optimise joint mobility, strengthen muscles, reduce pain, and improve functional capacity, physiotherapy is important. Exercises, manual therapy, and education will all be included in the physiotherapy programme, which is carried out individually for each patient.

Improving joint mobility is one of the primary objectives of physiotherapy following THR. Stretching, range-of-motion exercises, and joint mobilisation techniques are just a few of the strategies physiotherapists use to mobilise the knee joint. These methods can aid in easing stiffness in the joints, enhancing flexibility, and preventing the development of scar tissue surrounding the joint. Joint mobility can be increased to ease pain and improve overall function.


Strengthening exercises are an essential component of rehabilitation following THR. Patients who have had knee replacements frequently develop muscle weakness, especially in the quadriceps and gluteus, which can impair their ability to carry out daily tasks like walking and stair climbing. The intensity and duration of an exercise programme can be gradually increased by a physiotherapist to target particular muscle groups. Strength training on a regular basis can assist to increase muscular function, lower the chance of falls, and prevent other issues.

A comprehensive physiotherapy program can lead to an improved quality of life after undergoing a THR. The physiotherapist will help these patients to improve joint mobility, strengthening their muscles and enhance functional ability to perform tasks. Patients who adhere to a physiotherapy program are more likely to have better outcomes and engage in regular physical activity following the surgery.


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