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Muscle and ligament repair

May 11, 20232 min read

Sports, exercise, and regular movements are just a few of the activities that might injure muscles and ligaments. Depending on the extent of the injury and the person's general health, the natural course of recovery from various injuries can change. In general, the healing process for muscle and ligament injuries comprises three separate phases: inflammation, repair or proliferation, and remodeling.

The body begins to mend itself during the inflammatory phase, which lasts 1 to 5 days following the damage. Affected blood arteries widen, letting immune cells and other chemicals flood the wounded tissue. Inflammation symptoms including redness, swelling, heat, and pain are brought on by this. This stage's objective is to get rid of damaged tissue and start the healing process.

The development of new tissue to replace the destroyed tissue is the defining feature of the repair phase, which can extend up to 3 weeks following the injury. This entails the development of new muscle fibers in the case of muscular damage. When a ligament is broken, the body creates fresh collagen fibers to repair the ligament. It's crucial to prevent re-injury during this phase and gradually increase exercise as tolerated.

Remodeling is the last stage of recovery and can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. The body continues to restructure and strengthen the healed tissue at this stage so that it can resist the strain of daily activities more effectively. This stage of recovery is crucial because it's necessary to give the tissue adequate time to mend completely and prevent further harm.

Although the natural course of muscle and ligament healing is predictable, the recovery period might change depending on the patient and the extent of the injury. Working with a physiotherapist to create a personalised treatment plan that promotes the body's natural healing process and lowers the chance of re-injury is crucial. You can heal from these injuries with the aid of your physiotherapist.


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