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Ankle sprains and physiotherapy

April 12, 20231 min read

A frequent injury that can be successfully addressed with physiotherapy is ankle sprains. The goal of physiotherapy, a form of rehabilitation, is to help patients regain their ability to move and function normally. Physiotherapy can aid in reducing pain and swelling after an ankle sprain, enhancing range of motion and strength, and preventing further injuries.

RICE is the initial step in physiotherapy for ankle sprains (rest, ice, compression and elevation). Inflammation and pain in the affected area are lessened as a result. Your physiotherapist will start a series of exercises to increase your range of motion and strength in the ankle once the initial swelling and soreness have reduced. Stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises may be a part of these workouts, along with manual treatment methods to increase joint mobility.

Your physiotherapist might assist you in creating a strategy for getting back to your regular activities as your recovery advances. This can entail adding functional motions that replicate the tasks you typically perform as well as progressively increasing the intensity and frequency of your workouts. Most persons with ankle sprains can fully recover and resume their daily activities without discomfort or restrictions with the proper care and direction.


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