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Why is it important to exercise?

March 13, 20232 min read

Why is it important to exercise?

As physiotherapists we are always talking about exercise. Whether or not it is in our personal or professional lives it is a topic that is very near and dear to us!

But why is exercise prescription such a cornerstone to every physiotherapist's treatment toolbox?

Firstly exercise and physical activity has been widely proved to have amazing benefits on your physical health. It really helps manage and prevent many long term medical conditions. These include: heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, vascular disease and even some cancers.

As we get older, remaining active can reduce premature mortality of any cause. It helps prevent muscle wasting (sarcopenia) and osteoporosis. These conditions  can lead to falls and increase the risk of sustaining a fracture which is one of the leading causes of hospitalisation in over 65s. Exercise has also been shown to delay the onset of dementia and reduce frailty in the older population.

Exercise can be a fantastic tool to help manage mental health conditions such as  depression and anxiety. Exercising regularly has been shown to reduce stress and improve your sleep, so even if you don’t suffer from a diagnosed mental health condition it is a great way to look after your mental wellbeing!

Health benefits of physical activity

Not only does exercise help with all of this, it is also a fantastic way to help with pain and rehabilitation after an injury

Regular strength training helps strengthen the muscles and the other soft tissues, increasing their ability to cope with day to day activities in individuals following an injury or with a long term condition such as osteoarthritis.

Strengthening and stretching improves flexibility and helps reduce joint and muscle stiffness. It has also been shown that all exercise can reduce pain levels and increase an individual's pain threshold.

In return to form we believe in treating patients holistically and as you can see exercise is a fantastic way to do so! If you are unsure of how exercise may help with any short or long term injuries, book in with one of our amazing physios and they will be able to guide you to get you back to feeling your best!



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