Physio serving Ponsonby and Wynyard Quarter for 12 years.

A multi-disciplinary approach to feeling great. Our team will get you back to top form through our physio, pelvic floor and pregnancy, cancer rehab, massage, acupuncture, and Pilates services.

Physio Dedicated To Returning You To Top Form

Don't be content with just making your pain go away. Pain is the symptom. Let's treat the cause!

At Return To Form, we want to future-proof you with a better physio experience so you don't come back with the same problem repeatedly.

So, our appointments are one hour. In an hour, we can complete a comprehensive assessment, agree a roadmap to getting you on top form, do the right hands-on treatment, and give you home exercises.

Acupuncture, Massage, Pilates

We also ensure you get the right services for your individual needs.

So we have the right people to help you on your rehabilitation journey, including acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainer and nutritionist as well as Clinical Pilates teachers. When you see us, we'll guide you to the right services. All our therapists can see your complete history, and we work together to achieve the best outcome for you.

Our difference is that we are focused on getting you back to top form.

Let Us Make a Difference To You



If you want to get rid of pain and be able to do the activities you could before your injury we can help.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Helps with insomnia, anxiety, fertility issues, menopause and more.


Relax, re-energise, overcome injuries and maintain optimum health and well being.

Pelvic Floor Health / Pregnancy Therapy

Helping to create and maintain a strong, healthy pelvic floor. Helps with pregnancy-related problems, aches and pains, too.


Get a completely personalised programme led by a specially trained physio/Pilates instructor. Tailored to your wellness journey

Cancer Rehab

We help you to do all the fun things in life after cancer, like sports, work and activities with your family/friends.

You’re In Good Hands

Our experts are some of the best in our field! Our clinic is multi-disciplinary, so we are specially equipped to find you the perfect solution for your needs.

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