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What Great Effects Does Exercise Have on Your Brain?

According to Alzheimer’s New Zealand, there are almost 70,000 kiwis living with dementia and by 2050 there will be more than 170,000. There are many evidences showing that physical exercise benefits the brain just as much as mental training or even more. A brief 20 minutes aerobic workout could bring a person’s attention span up to 2 hours. We rounded up three major reasons why you should get moving with us for a better brain.

1. Exercise has an immediately positive effect on the brain
A single exercise session immediately increases chemicals that serve as happy and stress relievers in the brain. It can also improve your focus and attention span for up to 2 hours post exercise. People often feel much relaxed and are in a better mood after an aerobic workout because cardio helps to destress. Imagine how big the difference it would make if you exercise on a regular basis!

2. Exercise provides long lasting cognitive* benefit
Exercise creates new brain cells and more blood flow to your brain, which update your memory storage and your ability to think, read, learn, remember and focus. Ageing is the biggest challenge to brain health, but with the right workout program, you can improve your brain functions instead of letting things slide. Read the exercises we recommend for better brain health here.

3. Exercise Strengthens your brain
The more you exercise the stronger and bigger your brain gets. Think of it like any other muscle, the more you use it the stronger the muscle becomes. Although exercise is not a cure for neuro diseases but it can prevent them to some extent.

How can a physiotherapist help you?

  • We can assess any biomechanical or muscle imbalance and help improve you function and mobility
  • Find an exercise program that works for you
  • Build strength, endurance and stability
  • Treat any injuries that are keeping you from doing the things that you love to do!

Talk to one of our physiotherapists for more information. We offer personal training and pilates classes so come see us and get yourself moving!

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