Ponsonby Physio

We Get You Back To Full Form.


We specialise in ACC and Private Physiotherapy. Based in Ponsonby, we use the latest evidence-based research coupled with a holistic approach to achieve long-term wellbeing. Following an in-depth consultation, a personalised treatment plan will be made for you.

What makes Return to Form Different?

  1. One hour physio appointments mean we can fix your problems more quickly.
  2. We don’t just make the pain go away. We are dedicated to get you back to full form.
  3. We focus on communicating clearly with you at all times. This is the key to a good experience and a great outcome.
  4. We are a multi-disciplinary clinic which means that we can refer you to other specialists in the clinic.
  5. You don’t need a Doctor’s referral to see us. We can register your ACC claim.
  6. You will also be covered if you have private health insurance, if you have Southern Cross health insurance we can make the claim directly with them on your behalf so you dont need to collect and send of any receipts to them!


On your first visit, your physio will complete a full assessment of your issues. Then we’ll establish treatment goals to help you move and improve how you carry out your daily activities. You’re key to developing these goals.

We will develop an individual physio programme especially for you. This will explain your treatment, expected results, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Everything will be done with your agreement.

We treat everything from acute and chronic back pain relief to various sprains and strains.


Free ACC Session

Please read carefully our terms and conditions for Return to Form’s  free ACC session:

  1. Free session includes full assessment, treatment, and rehab plan.
  2. Limited to first appointments & new clients only.
  3. Free session only available Monday-Thursday: 10am-2pm. Does not include weekends, holiday periods, and bookings with Zee Sharif
  4. Cost of materials is not covered for ACC clients; additional charges may include cost of acupuncture needles, strapping tape, etc.


Our Speciality

We treat all kinds of pain but we specialised in the following areas:

  • Acute or chronic pain treatment
  • Sports injuries & fractures
  • Joint injuries & fractures
  • Fitness & wellbeing
  • Performance & maintaining optimal form
  • Women’s & Men’s health


When are we Open?

We are open early and have late night appointments available. We are also open by appointment on Saturdays as well as Public Holidays.

Or call 09 551-4460 to book an your appointment with one of our physiotherapists.