Stretch or Regret

If you’re a casual jogger, chances are you’re gearing up for one of the fun runs taking place around Auckland over the next few weeks. And whether you’re an aspiring amateur or well-honed athlete, don’t forget that the best thing you can do before the event…or any running event for that matter…is stretch properly.

But before limbering up, remember to do a light warm up so that your muscles aren’t cold. After all, muscles are a bit like chewing gum; they need to be warm to stretch properly.
Immediately after the race, continue to move around at a very low intensity for five to ten minutes to help get rid of lactic acid in your muscles, as well as muscle stiffness. And don’t forget to stretch at this point too.



If you’re unsure exactly what to do, check out this 2-minute video on calf-stretching techniques, or pop in to see one of our physios who’ll show you how to prevent injuries. And if you need that extra push (I know I do – Zee), personal trainer Dan Rivers is now available at the clinic for individual, pair or group sessions.