Spring into health

The Return to Form team is challenging you to spring into health:

What do you think when you think about spring? If you live in Auckland you might shout out “heavy rain” or maybe “even crazier traffic”. But really, if you stop and think about spring, what comes to mind?

We asked our clients from Return to Form and most of them said: frisky lambs and flowers. You look up and there are more leaves on the trees, you scroll through your Facebook feeds and you read “detox time”, “detox your wardrobe” and all that “spring detox jazz”.

You don’t need to agree with all that detox talk. You might agree with the feeling of new beginnings that spring brings to you. That feeling of finishing your new years’ resolutions. That feeling of turning off Netflix and actually going outside. That feeling that you actually have a life outside of your work because it is not dark when you leave your house or when you get back.

There’s something about spring, isn’t there? People are usually happier too. You might have already started day dreaming about your holidays and made a list with all the things you can do outside at the park, the beach or that hike you found out on Pinterest… And barbecues. Everyone loves a good kiwi-style barbecue (seriously, with onion dip).

With all the fun that summer brings, you want to make sure you are healthy. You can wrap yourself around this “spring feeling” and spring yourself back into health. It’s time to sort out the pain you have in your back. Or the neck that’s sore. Maybe you just feel that it’s about time to get into your yoga pants and do some Namaste sessions for that yoga bliss.

You decide how you want to feel great. Because you know what? You actually have the right to feel great. You can return to form and gain the quality of life that you surely deserve.

We wish you all the best for your spring journey and if you are keen, please see below some of the options you could choose:

Pilates & Yoga

You can contact our specialists to know more today by calling us on 09 551 44 60 or email at info@returntoform.com

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