Sex, love and… Leaks?

1.1 million New Zealanders suffer with incontinence (that’s 25% of the population).

Incontinence costs the health system over $8 billion each year, in productivity, health costs and informal career costs.

One in every three Kiwi women living with weak bladders don’t accept leaks and pains as their lot in life. Too many women put up with leaks, pains and embarrassment because of bladder and bowel issues. Buying pads and liners doesn’t address the underlying causes, it just hide the symptoms.”

“Women are more affected by bladder issues than men, and it’s something that women young, old, and everywhere in between grapple with. Symptoms can range from a little bit of leakage, to the content need to go to the bathroom, pain, and constant discomfort. Sound familiar? Too many women are just stocking up on thin panty liners and Tena and hoping for the best.”

Men are affected too by incontinence especially, following prostate surgery for cancer and put up with leaky problems and think its there lot because they have had surgery, its not! even the weakest of pelvic floor muscles can be trained just like any other muscle in the body.

Other Incontinence Issues?

Continence issues can also affect your sex life – and yet again, it’s a problem that goes unmentioned for the most part. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to a poor pelvic floor muscle tone, which in turn affects sexual intercourse and reaching orgasm for both partners. It can be hard enough forewomen to get back into intimacy after a baby is born, but when continence issues are ignored your love life can really take a hit.

The most common forms of incontinence are:
* Increased frequency or urination
* Urge incontinence (sudden and uncontrollable desire to go to the toilet and/or lying
before you can get to the toilet)
* Stress incontinence (leaking associated with activity, change of position, coughing,

Exercise Embarrassment?

Urinary leakage during exercises is a common but unmentioned occurrence,: “Most of us have been going hard at the gym or run and get a little leak – it’s more common than anyone thinks, an diet because of the taboo nature of ‘peeing your pants’, no one talks about, let alone seeks help.”

Over 51% of kiwi women admit to have some degree of leakage during exercise. Are you one of them?

Don’t put up with it, get some help. Treat the cause not just the symptoms!

Decide to say goodbye to Leaky Problems!