Bring Your Body Back To Life With Carefully Tailored Therapy

What if you could time travel back to a time when you were pain-free from all your injury woes and able to confidently get back to activities you love?

This is exactly what we want you to leave with when you visit our ACC-registered clinics in Ponsonby and Wynyard Quarter. Our physio clinic is a part of a multi-disciplinary practice, which helps us deliver the right care you need in a programmed and coordinated manner. 

We’re on a mission to provide the best physio experience to anyone struggling with recovery from injuries or pain, so you can go back to enjoying the activities you used to do consistently without dealing with the pain you’re enduring now.

Once you book an appointment, you’ll get 60 minutes with one of our physio experts, where they’ll assess your state and agree a complete plan of your goals for your rehabilitation along with at-home exercises. 

Our treatments don’t focus solely on exercises. We deliver world-class, evidence based hands-on treatment to ensure an improvement in our patient’s quality of life.

Our physios strive to make your lives a lot easier by allowing you to eliminate the pain, reclaim wellness back to your body and give you an experience like no other at Return To Form.

Return to Form Physiotherapy

Experienced Physios

Our team of expert physios has been getting Ponsonby & Wynyard Quarter residents back to top form for the last 12 years.

ACC Registered

Our clinic meets the highest standards, and your visit doesn’t require a doctor referral. All you have to do is visit our clinic and let our physios do some magic!

Wellness Come First

Our sessions aren’t about giving you a quick fix or a temporary pain killer. Our physios dive right into the root of your issues to future proof you, so you don't keep back back with the same reoccuring problem.

There For You

Our team of awesome people includes physios, acupuncturists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and nutritionists, as well as Clinical Pilates teachers. All our therapists work together to create an ultimate pain relief plan.

Here’s How We Can Help

ACC Physio

When you've had an injury, our expert physiotherapists get you back to form faster with a comprehensive plan.

We can register your ACC claim.

Sports Physio

Each sports injury requires special treatment, which is why we’ve trained our physios to assess and treat all sports injuries.

Pregnancy Therapy

As if carrying a baby isn’t hard enough, pregnant women often experience consistent body aches. Luckily, our Pregnancy Therapy sessions can help clear pain and any other pregnancy-related problems.

Personal Training

Get a dedicated personal trainer who helps you commit to training with proven techniques and workouts and holds you accountable, so you can crush your fitness goals as soon as possible!

We Take Your Body Pain Seriously

The first step we take towards taking your ache or stress away is by listening to how you’re suffering and what you want to achieve from your massage and physio experience. By taking the time to look into your wants and needs, our experts will craft a treatment tailored to your needs.

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