Paediatric Physio

Paediatric Physio – Helping Your Baby Reach Their Full Potential

Return to Form Paediatric Physiotherapy provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for babies and children presenting with a large variety of concerns or conditions. Every child has potential and we believe that every child should be provided with intervention as early as possible so that they can reach that potential.

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You and your child may benefit from the help of a paediatric physiotherapist in these situations:

Developmental Delays

  • You would like to learn more about baby handling and settling skills, play and movement skills
  • You have specific concerns about you baby’s or child’s development, particularly with their achievement of movement and play skills (baby milestones)
  • Your baby has difficulties with rolling, sitting, crawling, or standing
  • Your baby moves differently from other babies e.g. bottom shuffling or just ‘stuck’ in one position
  • Your baby feels ‘floppy’ or ‘stiff’ to hold
  • Your baby was born early (premature) and you would like support for their development
  • Your baby or child has a diagnosis of a condition such as Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

Difficulties with Co-ordination and Balance:

  • Your child has difficulties with co-ordination and balance, frequently falls or finds running, jumping, or catching difficult
  • Your child is not keeping up with their peers
  • Your child has poor posture, low muscle strength, low tone or poor endurance
  • Your child has stiff joints, jerky movement or high muscle tone

Musculoskeletal Concerns

  • Your baby has a flat head
  • Your baby always turns to one side
  • You are concerned about the shape, position and alignment of your baby or child’s feet and legs
  • Your baby has a diagnosis of a musculoskeletal condition such as Torticollis or Erbs Palsy
  • Your child complains of pain in their joints or muscles
  • Your child has a growth condition

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Other Conditions We Can Help With

  • Plagiocephaly
  • Hemiplagia
  • Diplagia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Hypermobility



30 min - $69.00


5 classes - $139.00


60 min - $112.00