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Mental Health

Let’s talk about mental health

The truth is: we all face challenges with mental health. Anyone can experience issues and these can look different for every person, it’s something we need to start talking about it.

One in five people will take time off in the next 12 months due to feeling mentally unwell, and suicide rates worldwide are increasing. What’s clear is, mental illness doesn’t discriminate and there’s such a big stigma around it, people need to start talking about it.

This Mental Health Awareness Month we want to help you explore ways to your wellbeing. We made a list of great ways to help you to feel great:

  • Go for a walk. Yes, that simple activity helps a lot. Getting outdoors helps to re-energise and focus on the tasks ahead. Look up and count your blessings.
  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation are well-known for stress management. It’s also a great way to breathe and move your body; Learn more about yoga and pilates.
  • Acupuncture is an alternative practice that is able to treat depression and anxiety; Learn more about acupuncture.
  • Massage & Reflexology is also a powerful way to get yourself feeling great. It provides relaxation and can decrease stress and anxiety, it also helps with fatigue and sleep; Learn more about massage and reflexology.
  • Eating more healthily helps to keep the balance from the inside out. Sometimes it’s not about just losing weight, it’s about taking care of yourself and making sure you have the right energy and minerals in your body. Learn more about nutrition.

Do a self-test how you are feeling here.

Find out ways to get help here.

Let’s talk and remember: You have the right to feel great!

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