Hiring a Physio Start

About You

You are awesome. You a qualified physio with experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. You are enthusiastic and you are full of ideas, and you are not shy to share them. You are interested in different areas and maybe you are wanting to explore developing new skills. You might be ready to shine.

You have excellent communications skills. You have initiative, drive to develop the business and of course, you work well autonomously and as part of a team.

Bonus points:

You are a Pilates instructor;

About Us

We believe people have the right to feel great. That is why we look at people as a whole and we offer different treatments to not only return clients to full form, but enable them to do all the things they used to do. We believe in tailored, individualistic care with longer sessions (generally 60 minutes).

At Return to Form we have resident physios, acupuncturists, massage therapist, Yogi, personal trainer and nutritionist/naturopath. We also have a specialist physio in pelvic floor health and cancer rehab including Pinc & Steel cancer rehab programs.

The Work

You are a musculoskeletal physio. You care for your patients, you make sure you fully understand their needs and look at them as a whole. You’ll be be able to utilise the full range of your skills here. Gaining and giving cross referrals with the variety of services offered at the centre: an onsite Pilates/exercise studio, Real Time Ultrasound and experienced therapists.

Because we are growing, we have opportunities in New Lynn as well as Ponsonby. There are more clinics coming up but we cannot tell you where just yet. Of course we will talk about that, but you are most likely to step forward when we need because you care and you want to grow your skills.

The Culture

We enjoy a good laugh. We like great energy and we are very enthusiastic. We encourage in-house contra services and you can book yourself in for therapies within the team at any time. We offer Pilates and yoga classes too.

We also like trying out new things to see if they work and we like supporting each other. We are happy to fail, but we don’t like to feel like a failure. We also like cooking different foods and sharing them with the team.

The five Return to Form Values

  • Our clients are everything and they have the right to feel great.
  • Everything is connected, which is why we look at the whole person.
  • We don’t just fix problems. We prevent, educate and get people back to the best form.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We take ownership. That’s the leader way of approaching things.

How to apply

If this role and this working environment sounds like a bit of you, please send your CV with a short covering letter to info@returntoform.com.