The Ultimate Last Minute Christmas Healthy Ideas

It’s Christmas again and you’re stuck on what to give to family and friends? Well, we’ve collected healthy Christmas ideas for all budgets and people.

Gift for the fit inspo:
If you have a “fit inspo” in your family, spare them the funny socks and undies. Get them a session with a physio. After all that training, they probably can deal with some physio massage or treatment. Find out more about how physios can help here. Or email us on

Gift for those who need a gentle push in the healthy direction:
That friend or family of yours who every year says that they’re going to lose weight and eat better and never does! You can give them a gentle push in a healthy direction by giving them a PT session or a nutritionist (or both?). Pilates & Yoga classes are also available to give as a gift.

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Gift for your fancy friend that has everything:
That’s easy! Book your friend for an acupuncture, massage or reflexology session.

Why not? Most of us don’t need more stuff, we need time to relax and look after ourselves.

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Your pregnant friend/partner:
The attention is all on the baby that is coming not on her! Show her that you are looking after her by gifting her a “Pregnancy Therapy”. Find out more the benefits here.

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Healthy and on budget:
You do love your friends and family and you want to give them a healthy present but, a session is a bit too much. Why not give them one of our amazing BioCeuticals products? They are so beneficial and it’s not easy to get them. We have ArmaForce, Women’s Essentials and more!

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When it’s too hard to decide:
So many options and so little time. A gift voucher is perfect to put under the tree this Christmas.

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We hope this list helps you and you have a Merry Christmas!


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Yoga is an all over body experience joining movement and breath to clear the mind, improve flexibility and build strength.



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