Massage For Health & Well Being

How massage can improve your health & your well being

Oh baby, it’s cold outside. It’s the time of the year that bed is the place to be. It’s the time of the year a lot of us are sick. With the cold weather, some of our old injuries get even more painful.

And this it is what we are here to tell you: massage can be a powerful tool for you to take charge of your health and well-being.

What can massage do for you?

  • Alleviates muscle and joint pain
  • Improves circulation and helps to eliminate toxins from the body
  • Relieves fatigue and headaches
  • Increases flexibility, improves range of motion
  • Help reduce sports injuries, enhancing athletic performance
  • Revitalises the whole body

Massages are not ‘treat yourself yo’ only type of treatment. It has so much more to it.

You will find there are quite a few types of massage and you need to understand what is your pain or what is the thing you want to start work on first.

Relaxation massage

Is very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce tension within the muscles and promote an overall sense of well being and deep relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage

Helps return the body back to normal health after any injury or pain by increasing the blood flow in the specific areas. It is often very successful in overcoming pain or injury if other treatment fails. Not only does it help to overcome any pain or injury, but also helps to prevent injury in the future.

Sports Massage

Is a form of deep tissue massage that works and relaxes your muscles and improves circulation. Not only does it help your body, but it leaves you with a relaxing feeling and helps de-stress your body. If you are training for an event, your muscles can quickly fatigue and you may experience pain during exercise. Regular sports massages increase your muscles flexibility and strength, in order to be able to cope with overloading and continuous exercise.

Oncology Massage

Is a form of massage that has been adapted to suit individuals that are currently undergoing cancer treatment and those who have a history of cancer.

This form of massage takes into account your previous medical history, current treatment regimen, any treatment side effects, and stress levels associated with oncology treatment.

Your body is what keeps you going and has a profound impact on your daily activities and outlook in life. That is why you want to look after your body and keep yourself healthy.

We know a lot of people associate massage with a treat but as you can see, massages are a great tool to keep you up running well and happy.

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If you want to get rid of pain and be able to do the activities you could before your injury we can help.

Acupuncture & Cupping

A drug free mechanism of pain relief. Help with insomnia, anxiety, fertility issues, menapause and more

Clinical Pilates

Want to join a fun and exciting class while working on a toned, strong body?

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture has been practiced as a method to slow down signs of ageing in China since 960 AD. Nowadays it is a medically proven, hundred percent natural, anti-ageing treatment which reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the face and promotes a healthy and radiant glow.

Cancer Rehab

We help you to do all the fun things in life after cancer, like sports, work and activities with your family/friends.

Pelvic Floor Health

Helping to create and maintain a strong, healthy pelvic floor.


Yoga is an all over body experience joining movement and breath to clear the mind, improve flexibility and build strength.


Relax, re-energise, overcome injuries and maintain optimum health and well being.


Yoga is an all over body experience joining movement and breath to clear the mind, improve flexibility and build strength.



30 min - $55.00


5 classes - $115.00


60 min - $99.00