10 Ways You Didn’t Know Physios Can Help You!

Many people think of a physiotherapist as the person you see when you’ve injured yourself, however did you know there are so many more benefits to visiting a physio. Physios provides rehabilitation, education, injury prevention, support, performance training and more.

Here Are 10 Ways You Didn’t Know Return to Form Physios Can Help You.

1.   Improve Your Posture & Balance

Poor posture is incredibly common and can be caused by a number of reasons from tight or weak muscles, joint stiffness or hyper-mobility, however if left untreated poor posture can cause a cycle of muscle imbalances and pain. Making a Physio appointment to improve your posture is a simple step that you can take that will significantly improve in your daily life.

Return to Form Physios will analyse your current posture, occupation, driving habits and other activities to develop a treatment plan tailored to your body and lifestyle. Through manual therapy, Physio led pilates, education, and home exercises & stretching, physiotherapy can alleviate & prevent pain and tightness associated with posture while ensuring muscle strength and correct alignment. Prevention is always better than the cure, so if you are already experiencing muscle fatigue, back & neck pain, headaches, joint soreness, or tightness in your lower back it might be time to book an appointment with a Physio. 

As we get older the risk of balance-related issues becomes greater. Through aging, our bodies become frailer, our bone density & muscle strength reduce and it takes longer to recover from injuries. This means falls often become more common and dangerous. Luckily Physiotherapy can reduce the risks of falling by providing exercises and changes to improve and maintain your balance and strength.

2.   Set Up A Correct Workstation

Despite our best efforts, with workloads, general life stress and global pandemics, it can be hard to maintain good posture while working. However, did you know that one of the most common reasons for frequent headache & back pain in workers is poor posture caused by improper ergonomics This often leads to increased workplace stress, poor employee health and low morale which will ultimately lead to reduced productivity, lost time and higher business costs.

That is why it is so important to get a professional to help set up your home or office work station. Return to Form Physios deliver personalised advice on how to set up your workstation, analyse your current sitting/standing work posture and develop specific exercises to strengthen your postural muscles that will elevate any current pain and stress caused by bad posture.  With the average person working behind a desk for more than 8 hours a day – your body deserves for you to do it right, make an appointment with a physio today.

3.   Improve Your Flexibility

Sitting at a desk for most of the day also means you are limiting your mobility, often causing muscle stiffness. For many of us, gone are the days of cartwheels and backbends, now sometimes touching our toes can be a struggle. But how important is flexibility? Well… Very.  Regular movement and stretching everyday releases muscle tightness that causes all sorts of pain from neck pain to wrist pain. Return to Form Physios are experts in muscular health and wellness therefore they can help treat your undesired muscle tightness as well as create detailed mobility/stretching routines for you to do at home or in the office. Another way to improve your flexibility is through incorporating physio led pilates. 

4.   Treat & Manage Generalised Pain

So many of us suffer from some generalised pain, whether it’s neck pain, lower back pain or that dodgy knee pain. We often don’t have a specific reason or answer for these however this is where you should use the professional hands-on treatment physiotherapy provides to alleviate your pain and prevent any further possible ailments. Return to Form Physios can provide you with education on what the potential cause may be, treatment of the affected muscles, pain relief and the necessary treatment & exercise plan to develop your fitness, strength and stamina allowing you to gradually increase your ability to do the things you need to do and most importantly, the things you love to do.

5.   Improve Your Athletic Performance

Whether you are training for a race or competition or starting on your fitness journey, you want to make sure you are getting the optimum results for your effort. Rigorous new training schedules put an increased strain on your muscles that can quickly become fatigued and result in pain or injury. So why not consult the experts on muscles and body mechanics? Return to Form Physios can help you achieve new performance levels with excellent results through individualised treatment plans, regular sports massages, warm-up cool-down programmes and running assessments.

Introducing this Physiotherapy into your sport & wellness programme will increase your muscle flexibility & strength, while relaxing your muscles allowing your body to cope with the overloading and continuous exercise. This will in turn improve your athletic ability, enhance your active lifestyle and help you achieve your goals.

6.   Prevent Future Injuries

No one wants to get injured, but are you taking the necessary steps to prevent them? Being physically active has its benefits, an active lifestyle also has a greater risk of injury and although not all injuries can be prevented, Physiotherapy can definitely prevent many from happening. Return to Form Physios are able to identify potential problems with your muscle strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, posture and movement patterns to help reduce your risk of experiencing an injury or re-injury. RTF Physios take into consideration your injury history and future goals to develop personalised training, warm-up and cool-down programmes that help you regain your strength and understand what things you can change to minimise the chances of injuring yourself. Prevention is always preferable to a cure, so getting some professional advice from a physio before you start a new sport or training programme is a great idea.  

7.   Make Your Pregnancy Easier & Safer

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it often can take a significant toll on your body. Consulting Return to Form Physios during pregnancy has a multitude of benefits from easing your lower back pain, reducing incontinence, strengthening your pelvic floor, and preparing you for an easier labor and delivery.  RTF Physios guide you through your antenatal & postnatal journey, developing your treatment plan as your pregnancy evolves. Providing you with hands on treatments, pregnancy stretches, Physio-led pilates,  pelvic floor strengthening, breathing control & relaxation techniques, home exercise plans, pain relief, pregnancy strapping and posture correction. Expecting? Make an appointment today for a more comfortable tomorrow.

8.   Treat Incontinence

Incontinence is something many adults suffer from; however, many feel too embarrassed to seek the necessary help they deserve. Did you know that physiotherapy is considered the first-line treatment for incontinence?  Return to Form’s head physio is an experienced Women health physio, working with clients to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles through treatment & exercise plans often providing life changing results.

9.   Help You Manage Your Disease

Getting diagnosed with a disease can be scary, with so many unanswered questions and uncertainty for what the future holds, Return to Form Physios can provide a light in the tunnel with detailed assessments, regular treatments & appropriate exercise programmes to help you manage your disease, improving your daily life. RTF physios are also qualified pilates instructors so they can incorporate this into your rehabilitation.

Diabetes? Physiotherapy helps diabetic patients suffering from poor blood circulation to improve blood flow to certain parts of the body.

Cancer? With chemotherapy often comes decreased energy levels, pain, weakness and mental stress. Return to Form Physios provides cancer rehabilitation to relieve pain & manage fatigue by creating individualized treatment and exercise plans, while also being a great source of motivation throughout the treatment process.

Arthritis? Arthritis is one of the most common conditions in adults that affect muscles, joints, and connective tissue, often creating a burden on your daily life. 

Physiotherapy not only helps you manage your symptoms through specially designed treatment plans that show you how to safely and properly exercise with arthritis while providing significant pain relief associated with the disease.

10.             Enrich Your Quality of Life

As you know, your physical and mental health play a pivotal part in maintaining a good quality of life. We often don’t realise our health has declined until we notice physical signs such as weight gain, the inability to participate in the sports or recreational activities you once loved and mobility issues. Along with this comes our mental health decline as we often start feeling a lack of motivation or don’t know how to get help. Return to Form Physios can help you regain your quality of life by focusing on your body and mind. With a holistic approach, they help to alleviate your pain, improve your body mobility, improve blood circulation, decrease blood pressure, and strengthen muscles by providing you with individualised treatment, fun pilates classes and activity programmes, to get you back on top form.


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Yoga is an all over body experience joining movement and breath to clear the mind, improve flexibility and build strength.



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