Best Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work



The Best Tips to Improve Your Posture at Work With Zee Sharif

It’s fair to say that technology has done a fantastic job and improved our lives in so many ways. Like being able to communicate with a loved one when they are miles away or across the world. But, have you thought about the consequences that technology has for you? Yes, to you personally.

Okay, let’s us take a step back. From standing and walking miles every day, most of us now sit in the office in a chair and tap away at the keyboard, hinge forward to read our screen for at least 8 hours, every day.

More food for thought for you: have you ever asked yourself how your posture is affecting your overall health? If you have, you might say: “surely that won’t affect my overall health”. We are sorry to tell you this, but it does. The reality is, for 80% of the people who go to physio, the underlying cause is their posture at work.

Thinking of that, BizDojo asked Zee (one of our physiotherapists) to talk with everyone about simple things they can do to improve their posture at work and avoid needing to see her in the future (nothing against Zee, we love her, but really, do you want to be in any sort of pain? Zee certainly doesn’t).

We want you to think of: string, orange, bucket…

  1. Pretend you have an orange between your shoulder blades and you cannot drop it! That will open your chest.
  2. Pretend you have a string to the crown of your heard pulling you up. That will keep you straight up and with the right posture. You could go to a standing desk option or make sure your chair provides you lower back support;
  3. Pretend your pelvis is a bucket full of water and you don’t want to spill your water. That means you will be in a neutral position and supporting your spine.
  4. Raise / lower your workstation. If you are working with a laptop perhaps, that might mean putting something under your screen (like a pile of Yellow Pages, a block etc) to elevate it. It’s also suggested to have a separate keyboard and mouse to make sure your work surface is at your elbow height.
  5. Set reminders to take breaks: Stop every 30 to 40 minutes and go and grab yourself a glass of water. You will keep hydrated and you will have a break from looking at your monitor and sitting in a bad posture for long stints.
  6. Identify the warning signs of back and neck pain caused by poor ergonomics and posture and talk to us if you are concerned about your posture. Our email address is

Watch this video for more tips: